Hangzhou, China – Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel are honored to be chosen to serve on the film jury of the prestigious China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF). This esteemed event, hosted by the National Radio and Television Administration, China Media Group, and People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, holds a significant position as China’s premier international animation festival. Supported by the Chinese Culture Going-Global Project, CICAF serves as a vital cultural trading platform, facilitating the exchange of ideas, creativity, and innovation in the animation industry. With a strong emphasis on industrialization, branding, and marketization, CICAF has risen to prominence as the largest, most popular, and most influential animation professional event in China. Its role in promoting the growth and development of the animation sector cannot be understated, as it provides a dynamic platform for professionals, enthusiasts, and aspiring talents to converge, collaborate, and showcase their work on a global stage. As members of the esteemed film jury, Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel bring their wealth of experience,

expertise, and passion for the art of animation to the festival. Their involvement underscores the festival’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating artistic excellence while fostering innovation and creativity within the industry. Through their discerning judgment and keen insights, they will contribute to the festival’s mission of promoting cultural exchange, advancing technological innovation, and elevating the standard of animation worldwide. Moreover, their presence at CICAF serves as a testament to the festival’s international significance and its ability to attract top talent from around the globe. By showcasing the latest trends, techniques, and achievements in animation, CICAF continues to inspire and empower artists, animators, and industry professionals to push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling. With Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel on board, the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival promises to be a celebration of imagination, innovation, and artistic excellence, setting new benchmarks for the animation industry in China and beyond.

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