Paris, France – In a series of prestigious cities including Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Berlin, Germany, the esteemed ARFF International – Around Films International Film Festival bestowed its highest honor, the ARFF International Lifetime Achievement Award, upon Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel in recognition of their remarkable contributions to the world of cinema.Moreover, both of these distinguished gentlemen have been appointed to the ARFF Visionaries Board, a select group comprising industry leaders and luminaries who provide strategic guidance and mentorship to the organization. Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel’s exceptional talent, creativity, and unwavering commitment to the art of filmmaking have earned them a well-deserved place on the

ARFF Visionaries Board. Their profound understanding of the technical intricacies of film production, coupled with their visionary storytelling approach, renders them invaluable assets to the organization as it charts its course forward.Presently, Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel are lending their expertise as esteemed members of the film juries for the ARFF International Film Festivals held in Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin. With a steadfast dedication to promoting and celebrating cinematic excellence from across the globe, the ARFF International – Around Films International Film Festival continues to serve as a beacon of inspiration and opportunity for filmmakers worldwide.

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