Fukuoka, Japan – Esteemed filmmakers Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel have received prestigious invitations to join the Film Jury and conduct Master Classes at the 5th Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival. This honor, extended by Meihodo Inc., a Japanese corporation dedicated to preserving traditional humanistic culture worldwide, is met with profound pleasure. The Festival serves as a unique platform for fostering cultural exchanges among international film producers while nurturing the talents of young creators. At its essence, the Festival endeavors to explore the fascinating intersections of immersive metaverse technologies and blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the realm of film and video. This exploration encompasses not only the content itself but also its distribution, consumption, and monetization. By convening industry professionals, creators, and innovators, the Festival aims to catalyze collaborative endeavors that push the boundaries of storytelling

and digital art creation. With an array of screenings, dialogues, workshops, and more, the Festival promises an exhilarating journey of discovery and creativity for all participants. Furthermore, the Festival’s commitment to promoting cultural understanding and artistic innovation is evident in its support for young and talented creators. Through mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and educational initiatives, the Festival empowers emerging filmmakers to realize their creative visions and make meaningful contributions to the world of visual media. By fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment, the Festival seeks to inspire a new generation of storytellers who will shape the future of cinema and digital art. With Mr. Castor and Mr. Rygiel’s invaluable expertise and guidance, the Festival is poised to continue its tradition of excellence and serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring filmmakers worldwide..

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