Matera, Italy – The inclusion of these distinguished individuals in the CFA jury is a testament to their unparalleled expertise and profound contributions to the world of film. Their discerning judgment and vast experience are poised to play a pivotal role in identifying and honoring the epitome of cinematic craftsmanship. As custodians of cinematic artistry, Mr. Rygiel and Mr. Castor bring invaluable insights and a wealth of knowledge, enriching the deliberations and ensuring that the most deserving talents are rightfully recognized. The Celebrity Film Awards serve as a platform for showcasing the finest works of cinematic brilliance from around the globe. Each year, filmmakers, actors, and industry

professionals converge in Matera to celebrate the magic of cinema and pay tribute to the visionaries who bring stories to life on the silver screen.With Mr. Rygiel and Mr. Castor at the helm of the judging panel, the CFA is poised to uphold its legacy of excellence and uphold the highest standards of artistic achievement. Their appointment underscores the CFA’s commitment to fostering innovation, creativity, and artistic integrity in the film industry. Through their collective expertise and unwavering dedication, Mr. Rygiel and Mr. Castor will guide the judging process with integrity, ensuring that the CFA continues to shine as a beacon of cinematic excellence in the global film landscape.

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