Jaipur, India – The Jaipur International Film Festival, an annual event that seeks to foster the careers of aspiring filmmakers and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and culture between India and other countries, has invited Castor and Rygiel to serve on its distinguished film jury. The festival aims to foster friendship and collaboration among people from all corners of the world through the medium of film and documentary in addition to its focus on new talent and cross-cultural exchange. Castor and Rygiel will have the important task of reviewing and choosing the films that are shown at the occasion as members of the film jury, aiding in maintaining it as a notable and significant celebration of the craft of storytelling. Their expertise and discerning eye will be crucial in selecting films that exemplify excellence in filmmaking, showcasing diverse perspectives and narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. As industry veterans, Castor and Rygiel bring a wealth of experience and insights to the jury panel, enriching

the festival’s selection process and ensuring that the chosen films reflect the highest standards of cinematic artistry. Furthermore, their involvement underscores the festival’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent and promoting cultural exchange within the global film community. By providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work and engage with audiences from different backgrounds, the Jaipur International Film Festival plays a vital role in fostering creativity and dialogue in the ever-evolving landscape of cinema. Castor and Rygiel’s participation in the festival not only highlights their dedication to supporting the next generation of filmmakers but also reinforces the festival’s reputation as a premier destination for cinematic excellence and cultural exchange. Their presence will undoubtedly enhance the festival experience for filmmakers and audiences alike, further cementing the Jaipur International Film Festival’s position as a cornerstone of the international film circuit.

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